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Join S²Cities as a Youth Innovation and Capacity Building Grantee

Request for Proposals (RFP) – Grant opportunity for organisations active in Ecuador or the Philippines



Are you an organization committed to improving the lives of young people? Do you have experience working with young people to ensure that their voices are heard in public agendas and decision-making? Do you consider that creating safer urban environments for young people enables them to take full advantage of growth and development opportunities offered by cities? And, do you agree that encouraging inter-personal connections, providing platforms of dialogue and co-creation are the stepping stones for nurturing a healthy and resilient social fabric? If these questions resonate with your work, then please refer to the following grant opportunity.



The Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation (GIB), on behalf of the Safe and Sound Cities Programme (S²Cities), is looking for new local partners to lead the implementation of a hands-on programme on youth participation in urban planning for urban safety and wellbeing in Cuenca and Ambato in Ecuador and Baguio and Naga (Camarines Sur) in the Philippines, respectively.



The S²Cities programme is committed to creating safer urban environments with and for young people. We are a global programme operating in secondary cities of low and middle income countries. We seek to engage young people in understanding the safety issues that affect their quality of life; we provide capacity building opportunities to young people and local government officers to promote dialogue and inclusive decision making related to urban safety; and, we encourage young people to co-create with other urban stakeholders innovative solutions to improving safety in their cities.



The programme, now in its second year, is looking for local partners in Cuenca and Ambato in Ecuador and Baguio and Naga (Camarines Sur) in the Philippines respectively, to help us achieve the S²Cities goals. If you are an organization devoted to working with, organising and representing young people in decision-making processes of public life; if you have a keen interest in working to catalyse young people’s potential to improve urban safety; and if your organisation has well-established local connections and presence in one of the mentioned target cities then we invite you to check out our Request for Proposals for a Youth Innovation and Capacity Building Grantee for the S²Cities Programme. (Applications for all 4 cities are closed. We will be announcing the selected organisations shortly.)












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